CounterParty Link Shortner


Server Migration

Duncan, July 7, 2021

Relocated to another server to be colocated with other CounterParty related projects.


About This Site

Duncan, July 20, 2018

The domain was registered with the intention to provide a service for the community of CounterParty users. Publishers using the description variable may run into character limits when linking a URL whose character length exceeds the limit.

Avoiding Bloat

Just me, myself and I, combatting spam and abuse of this open source installation. Most automated scripts target default file names. Therefore, if you would like to use this site to shorten links please go to the shorten page.

Reccomended Cryptoart

    Can't remember how he got into your wallet
    Pepe has been saving all the drips and wants to share
  • Image BOWSETTE
    Mafia Wars card with a secret nsfw alternative version
  • Image XCPTORCH
    The original pass along with the intention of each holder issuing thier own subasset before passing to a friend to do the same